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Basketball card values have been increasing in value and
interest over the past decade. So is the original price they
sell for. New basketball card prices have jumped 50% while
baseball cards have been slowly dropping. Many of the highest
rated basketball cards are selling in the $75 to $150 price
range. However, you can still find new basketball-card packs
going for only fifty cents.

The editor of Beckett Basketball Monthly said recently,
"The market for basketball cards is growing tremendously.
It's catching up with baseball."

If your goal is to speculate future value and to profit when you do sell basketball cards, most
experts say to hunt for insert cards. These include limited-edition sets which have been
divided up and sold in random packs of other cards. You will find one great card in every 20
packs. However, you knowledge about the changing values of cards is important. If a player
does not perform as well as expected, the value of his cards drop.

For instance, speculators believed that an insert of the Chris Webber You-Crash-the-Game
card, produced by Upper Deck would rapidly grow in value. did not because of Webber’s
performance. It was selling for $20 to $30 at trading shows and card stores 10 years ago,
but experts predicted the Webber card to sell for as much as $100 by 20010. Unfortunately,
it can be purchased today for $1.50.

Why did basketball cards of Chris Webber drop in value?

Completely unpredictable occurrences can increase or deplete sports card values. Chris
Webber was a rising star whose basketball cards were predicted to be extremely valuable for
collectors. Then, the worst that can happen, did.

Webber was involved in a gambling, money-laundering scandal called the Ed Martin Scandal.
Webber was stripped of his All-American honors by the NCAA.  The value of his basketball
cards plummeted.

Great Insert Cards That Will Hold and Increase in

If you find an insert such as Fleer's Michael Jordan 1992-93
Team Leader card you will have a great profit. They will sell for
over $140 in the near future. Also a good find: A 1992-93 Fleer
Team Leader Michael Jordan #4 PSA 8 Card is selling for
$144.00. PSA 8 is considered near mint condition. At right.

Below is a once in a lifetime, a Michael Jordan PSA 10 basketball card is selling for $100,000.
PSA 10 is a perfect card.
Collecting Basketball Cards