Traditionally, collectible figurines are made of a high quality material and
    of exquisite design. You may find figurines created from porcelain,
    metals, gemstone or wood and they will be of the type that one uses to
    decorate a room or professional office, whether these are traditional
    or modern.

    Some figurines start out being mere gift items and end up becoming
    valuable to collectors. One example is the Precious Moments collection,
    a line of porcelain bisque girls and boys with big teardrop eyes and
    inspiring messages.

    The little figurines have become big collector items. According to the
    editors of, they are the number one collectible
    in the United States. A recent check on the online auction site eBay
    found 8,728 figurines for sale, with a starting bids of $1700.

    So what's the appeal?There are various reasons which cause them to
    become favorites of hobbyist collectors. They drive the value. Some like
    them because of the big eyes and the uplifting themes. Others say they
    remind them of special moments in their lives.

    Several things effect the value of a collectible figurines. When the figurine
    is "retired," the mold is broken and no more are made, so retired
    figurines have more value. What year they are made also can be a factor.

    The collector needs to know the date the figurine was made. Some figurines
    have symbols for the year it was made printed on the underside. Usually,
    the most valuable is the first year it was made.

    The market for Royal Doulton figurines from Britain and Hummel pieces
    made in Germany is less active today than it was 20 years ago. New Royal
    Doulton figurines currently sell for $200, compared with dollars $400 to
    $600 for items retired 40 years ago.

    Figurine makers in such traditional locales as Dresden and Staffordshire
    have also begun facing new competition from Hollywood. The Walt Disney
    Co., which got into the business a few years ago, has proved a huge

    The "Disney Classics" are made from genuine porcelain with a cast including
    everyone from Pocahontas to Snow White. Snow White is considered by
    collector’s to be both gorgeous and of a good quality. Customers pay
    hundreds of dollars for Snow White and the seven dwarves with the most
    for Grumpy.

    Disney is one of the few new figurine makers that had managed to
    break into the market in a big way and that may be due to its well-known
    name. The best bet for collectors is to stick with manufacturers and
    names they recognize; new lines that were predicted to be hot frequently
    turn out to be failures and are shunned by collectors. Some collectors
    like to take chances and others prefer to stick to well-known, high
    quality and well-made figurines.
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