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                         Collecting Model Cars
The field of model car collecting has been changing rapidly. Lower priced electronic cars with
all sorts of advanced features are not collected by the older generations of model car
collectors. They are simply too complex to learn and enjoy like the model cars of the past.

The types of models people collect have increased and the ages of those collecting the various
types have changed. The younger collectors prefer complex electronic model cars. Preferring
the traditional models, such as die-cast model cars, collectors are in their fifties and sixties
are the main collectors of these simple, non-electronic types of collectibles..

Someone's collection may contain Formula One winners; a full grid of Le Mans participants; a
lineup of sedans, coupes or wagons from one given manufacturer; or a diverse range of sports
Happily, it is estimated that over 10 per cent of those who begin collecting model cars
become avid collectors, and they make money when they sell. However, it is important to learn
about values of the cars made by various brands of model-manufacturer and the scale (size)
that most buyers want.

Popular model cars can range in size from 1:18- about the length of a man's fore-arm- to 1:43, a
little longer than a man's thumb. Limited edition models of 1:43 and hand-finished with great
detail can sell for $100 to $40,000.
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                               Model Train Collecting

Most model train collectors gained their love of
trains when they were young.

Train hobbyists may be the kind that just love to
collect toys for fun. Others only collect trains
made by Lionel and American Flyer. Other train
hobbyists may be model railroaders, running trains
on elaborate layouts, risking scuffs and damage at
every turn. Some may treat their trains like they
are to be protected and kept unmarked for future
value, especially those collecting scale models.

Scale model makers, such as Marklin create
valuable train models that will escalate in value.
A scale of one to 87 is the most popular today.

The novice should begin slowly while learning about the models, their value and how to market
them. Attending shows and conventions is one of the best ways to learn.
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