Novices begin by purchasing a few randomly-selected pieces that appeal to
    them. More sophisticated buffs work toward a focused collection, unified by
    manufacturer, gauge, scale and-or time period. It takes research to become
    a sophisticated collector.

    Child collectors hope Santa may be able to put the car of their dreams under
    the tree this coming holiday season. All it will take to snag that Ferrari,
    Lotus, Porsche or Jaguar is a few weeks' best behaviour, the right words in
    the right ear- and a willingness to downsize a bit.

    Properly done, this should earn you a jewel-like scale model of one or more of
    the world's most fabled cars.

    These miniatures are anything but kids' stuff; indeed, they're intended for
    display and admiration.

    Becoming a Collector
    It is estimated that 10 per cent of those who begin collecting model cars
    become avid collectors who will make money following their favorite hobby.

    People may collect Formula One championship winner's cars, or their dream
    red Ferrari in miniature, the Villeneuve Formula One cars or the trend-
    setters such as Chrysler's PT Cruiser and Volkswagen's New Beetle.

    Someone's collection may contain Formula One winners; a full grid of Le Mans
    participants; a lineup of sedans, coupes or wagons from one given
    manufacturer; or a diverse range of sports cars.

    It's also worth learning about the various brands of model-manufacturer and
    the scale (size) of models the person collects. Popular models range in size
    from 1:18- about the length of a man's fore-arm- to 1:43, a little longer than
    a man's thumb.

    They boast fascinating details such as an opening engine compartment, mesh
    covered air-intakes and ignition or spark-plug leads.

    Smaller, 1:43 models can be even more surprising. Many are built in limited
    numbers with a total of perhaps a few hundred for global distribution. The
    best may be hand-finished in painstaking detail. Prices can range from just
    over $100 or so for a mass-produced model to $40,000 for that rare model.

    There was a time was, boys and adult hobbyists focused mainly on gluing
    together and customizing kit-cars. Today's collectors are more inclined to
    the pre- built, with an emphasis on cars since World War II. Many of last
    century cars are making wealthy collector's out of those that began as mere
Collectible Model Cars
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