The train is scheduled to arrive at 11 a.m. Saturday and will depart shortly
    thereafter. After traveling over 350 feet of track, it will arrive again. And
    depart again. And arrive again. All of the arrivals and departures are
    watched by eager young boys who are lucky enough to live near a train
    tracks. This is where the love of building and running model trains began.

    A model train hobbyist will build a number of train layouts in various scales,
    and run all different types of trains on them. They will add miniature model
    house, barns, trees, grass, churches and store buildings to there wonderful
    dream world.  
    A complete layout which you made yourself is quite something to see. Some
    model train collectors  have been collecting model trains since their father
    first bought them a Lionel "Magic Electrol" train set in childhood.

    Over the years, interest in trains of all sizes has grows until you become an

    High Hopes
    People have loved standard sized trains since the steam engine rolled across
    the tracks. People can get on a train and be as grumpy as they can be and
    then about 15 minutes into the ride, they're smiling from ear to ear. I don't
    know what it is about trains. I guess it's magic.

    Model trains appeal to people of all ages. It's the type of hobby that anyone
    can be involved in because you can be a train collector and be so many
    different things.

    For most of us, the appeal has been in tracking down the history of model
    trains, sometimes from the inside out. Like any other collectible, there is
    always the possibility of fraud. You must watch out for those few people who
    may try to pass one thing off for something else. You have to be very careful
    when making purchases that you're actually buying what they say you're

    There are many aspects to model trains collectibles. You can collect the
    trains, you can collect the paperwork that goes with the trains, you can dig
    into the history of it, operate the trains and trade up as you go. That's what
    makes it so much fun.

    If you attend one of the many model railroad shows you will take in lifelong
    sights and sounds. Visiting with other enthusiasts and sharing expertise will
    give you a lasting link with other train enthusiasts. You may meet an expert
    who can help you set up the "Magical World of Lionel" railroad scene.

    Collectible Model Trains Come in All Sizes
    Model trains come in all sizes and run on the tracks of various layout
    displays, from Lionel to the large-scale LGB (Lehmann Gross Bahn) to the
    tiny "Z" scale. They zip around a snowy landscape or a southwestern desert.

    Children can participate in building and running model trains. They too will be
    thrilled by the action and the sounds of a model railroad as they operate
    accessories on a layout designed especially for them. There is something
    magical about trains.
Collectible Model Trains
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